Who Was John Newport?

John Paul Newport was a widely loved and admired Christian philosopher, theologian, educator, and author of 11 books and hundreds of articles and reviews. Dr. Newport received degrees from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, University of Basel, University of Zurich, Columbia University, Union Theological Seminary, Harvard University, Texas Christian University and Princeton Theological Seminary.

He taught and gave lectures on Christian Philosophy at some of the most prestigious institutions around the globe, including the world’s largest theological school, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he was the Chairman of the Department of Christian Philosophy. One of the nation’s finest philosophy of religion textbooks is Dr. Newport’s classic Life’s Ultimate Questions.

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Purposes of the Newport Foundation:

A Resource
The mission of the Newport Foundation is to be a resource for Christian education and leadership as reflected in the life, writings, and teachings of the late John P. Newport.

An Approach
Dr. Newport was a brilliant philosopher, theologian and educator. He had unusual abilities as a synthesizer and reconciler. One of his greatest contributions to biblical philosophy and theology was his style of bringing together diverse strands of knowledge and perspectives from various intellectual disciplines into a consistent worldview. The Newport Foundation seeks to continue this needed approach.

A Commitment
By developing a wide range of print, audio / video materials, Internet-based resources and the John P. Newport Chair of Christian philosophy at the George W. Truett Theological Seminary, the Foundation demonstrates its commitment to quality Christian ministry and lay leadership that reflect the worldview seen in the life and works of Dr. Newport.

A Conference
The Foundation also hosts national and regional conferences and seminars for ministers, professors, academicians, teachers, students and Christian laity. One of the Foundation’s most important activities is its Annual Newport Awards Banquet, which honors some of the nation’s most outstanding leaders. The first Newport Award was given to Mr. Howard Butt Jr. Click here to read the press release on this recipient. This year the award will go to Dr. George Gallup Jr. Click here to read about this year’s award banquet.