"My father had a great love of learning and knowledge, and I'm sure he would be very honored and enthusiastic about a conference furthering the type of scholarly approach to religion and society to which he devoted his life."
Frank Newport
"Among such influential 20th-century Baptist teachers as Mullins, Conner, and Maston, none approached the wide-ranging, innovative, and provocative impact that John Newport made. No one did more to prepare Baptist ministers for gospel service in the postmodern 21st-century. This conference affords an opportunity to explore the riches of Newport's vast legacy as the teacher of a broad range of traditional and novel Christian thought."
Wallace Roark
"Dr. John Newport spent his entire life submerged in a sea of ideas. He named them. He engaged them. He debated them. And he shared them with colleagues, students, and friends through his myriad lectures, articles, and books. How fitting, then, this conference in his memory to focus on his unique DNA in the family of ideas. He would like it. I am honored to participate."
W. Randall Lolley Raleigh, North Carolina
"I was greatly influenced by the life and ministry of John Newport. It is good to see his legacy continue through the Newport Foundation and the National Leadership conference in April. What an exciting opportunity for learning, challenge and inspiration.”
Daniel Vestal Coordinator, Administration Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
"Yet again people need to know that they can give their hearts with out losing their minds. John Newport modeled for us the astounding fact that faith and reason are not mutually exclusive. I am glad for our return to this great truth."
Gerald Mann
"At the very least, John Newport's work was comprehensive addressing every major concern of Christian ministry. A conference in his name not only honors the man and his tremendous contribution to ministry but also continues the kind of disciplined quest for knowledge that he so loved and that is so needed in this postmodern age. No matter what your focus of ministry or point in the Christian pilgrimage, this conference can offer you help and encouragement."
Richard Harmon
"It is exciting that former students and friends of John Newport are joining their efforts to extend his legacy well into the 21st century. I look forward to excellent presentations and warm fellowship at the Newport Conference this spring."
Weston Ware
"In an era of religious debate and moral confusion, the Newport Leadership Conference 2004 promises answers to some of life's key questions. Sharing the program in honor of our dear friend and colleague is both a privilege and an anticipated responsibility. Please join us!"
C. W. Brister Fort Worth, Texas
"I am humbled by the opportunity to participate in this conference. Dr. Newport's life served as a challenge to all Christians to give their best efforts intellectually, academically and spiritually for the cause of Christ. Christian leaders everywhere can stand to benefit from the example of Christian and scholarly integrity modeled by Dr. John Newport. This conference promises to aid in extending his legacy for years to come."
Dennis R. Wiles, Pastor First Baptist Church Arlington, Texas
"The overwhelming crises facing the world in 2004 raise urgent questions of eternal significance. Most of these questions are precisely the ones that will be addressed in the first annual John Newport Leadership Conference in April. Dr. Newport's Life's Ultimate Questions is as applicable as if he wrote it yesterday. Based on his magnum opus, the conference will offer ministers, teachers, and lay leaders timely Biblical help in addressing the ultimate questions of 2004. "
Russell Dilday