Thank you for your interest in the John P. Newport Foundation. Our hope is to serve you and your family with helpful information. We sincerely appreciate your taking the time to explore the benefits of gift planning.

Benefits for Family and the Newport Foundation

There are several types of plans. Many of these have wonderful benefits for the gift donors. By using one or more of the plans described in planned giving programs such ours many people enjoy increased income and generous tax savings. Please review the types of gifts below.

Types of Gifts

You may choose to use a unitrust, annuity trust, gift annuity or gift and sale. We would we happy to explain how these would work for you and how they would help the Newport Foundation at the same time.

Over the years you may have accumulated some resources and plan to be generous with family, but also with others including charitable organizations like the Newport Foundation.

If you wish to consider leaving a bequest in your will, we would be please to provide you with advice inany way we can. If you have any questions, please contact us at 210-846-4192.

Peace of mind
Over the years you may have purchased stock but are tired of guessing the market. In the last few years, most stock has gone up and down in value. You may be at a point where you want to have an approach with a good fixed return and not worry about the stock markets.

By using a gift annuity you could receive a fixed payment from a good return on your stock plus a large income tax deduction and maybe best of all, a peace of mind.

Tax free sale
You may be like others who purchased property earlier in life and now wish to sell it for a higher price. It is possible to sell the property without paying a large tax. In fact, you can sell the property and have three very nice benefits. The benefits are: Bypass capital gain. Increase income. Charitable deduction.

The tax-free sale is made possible by what is called a unitrust. With a unitrust, you can save significant capital gains tax and income taxes. By using the unitrust, you can also increase your income while at the same time helping the Newport Foundation carry out our mission.

Certificate of Deposit Sale
Like many people, you may have a certificate of deposit (CD); and, like so many people you may have seen a significant decline on your return on your CDs. One of the reasons you chose a CD was because you wanted a secure return on our investment.

A good way to have a good and secure return on your investment is to set up what is called a gift annuity. A gift annuity would pay a better return than CDs and there would be a good tax deduction and part of the income would be tax-free.

By letting the Newport Foundation use your CD to set up a gift annuity, you will be able to have a good tax savings and increase your annual income.

Fixed payments to you from the gift annuity would be more than what you would receive from your one-year certificate of deposit.

Please Contact Us

If you wish to discuss one of the approaches listed above or some other way of supporting the activities of the Newport Foundation, please contact our Chairman, Dr. Larry Williams. He will be happy to help you in a confidential manner.

Dr. Larry Williams, Chairman of the Board
3101 North Fitzhugh, Suite #500
Dallas, TX